We did it!! Graduation ceremony was yesterday and let me tell you it was one of the best feelings I had. Other then the heat, I enjoyed every minute of it. I’ll be honest I wasn’t nervous at all, but it hit me after I walked on stage grabbed my diploma, and sat down. I realized that this is it, I did it. I been looking forward to this day ever since the semester started and in a blink of an eye, it was here. Actually I been looking forward to this since graduating High School, but still.

I want to take this time to thank my Father and Mother for supporting me each and every step of the way. I had it in me to go to school, but they supported me mentally, financially, and were always there when I needed them no matter what. I walked yesterday not only for me, but mainly for them. My cap represented that. ☺️


I also want to take this time and congratulate the class of 2014. As I was talking to many of the grads yesterday they kept saying they couldn’t believe it’s finally here. Many were excited to start a new chapter of their lives, many saying they will miss it, but mainly they were thankful one way or another for experiencing this day. I am proud of everyone of us.

You might of already figured this out, but this is my last blog post. After my Summer classes, I will no longer be enrolled at CSUSTAN which means I can no longer be posting.

This was one of the best opportunities I got during my Stan years and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Don’t forget however that other student bloggers will still be posting starting Fall 2014 and new student will join as well. Make sure to check their blogs out because I’m sure they are all interesting.

I guess it’s that time to day my final goodbyes. My Stan years have been one of a kind. I had some of the best professors and learned things I never thought I would learn. The atmosphere, the professors, and all the administrators all had a part in my wonderful experience as Stan. I encourage all the current students to get the word out about Stan so the up coming student can know what an amazing school this is. I will leave you all with this, I will always be Warrior for life!!

Finals & Summer … Oh & Also Don’t Stress!!

Hello bloggers and reader the anticipation has started for me. Its finals week and I am already waiting for two of my grades to get posted. I probably wont see them till late Tuesday or sometime Wednesday, but I feel like I might see them earlier then that. Either way I’m nervous and thats normal. I have a final to take in less then hour and half and another one on Wednesday mid afternoon, but Im almost done. I have survived this far, I can push myself just a little bit more.

Has anyone already started planning their Summer yet? Lucky me I have almost something to do all next month, and I’m not complaining. Would you believe it if I tell you I have never visited Disney land? Well I haven’t. I am hoping sometimes in at the end of July I can go after Summer session ends. Im very excited I must say. Start planning now so you can take your mind off of finals a little and look forward to Summer.

I better go and study a little more, but a word of advice I might of said this before, but don’t stress regardless of the situation. During my Thursday class our professor asked us to share words of advice with our classmates. When it was my turn I just simply stated “Don’t stress yourself when you know you have to do it.” What needs to be done has to be done, so don’t stress especially when you know you can do it.

Good luck to all of you out there taking finals this week. I am sure all of you will do just fine.

Graduation & Everything In Between

Hello bloggers and readers, 3 more weeks left to graduation! It’s almost here. I absolutely can’t wait. I actually purchased my graduation tassel and stole Wednesday. There is only 2 weeks of school left so I have to focus on studying for finals and finishing projects, but I’m still super excited. I honestly can’t believe how fast the past 2 years flew by. It feels like yesterday when I first transferred to CSU Stan to work of my marketing bacholor. This was definitely by far my favorite part of my college experience. CSU Stan has been good to me.

Anyways here is an update on my projects, finals, and presentations. I’m so far done with 2 finals; I have two finals left. 3 projects and presentations are out of the way, I have 2 more left. They are both group projects and we been on track and almost done. They are both due next week so wish us luck. Everyone is feeling the pressure and know it crunch time. You can walk around campus and almost certainly either hear someone talking about finals and other materials that are due. You’ll also see tones of students studying more then before, but that’s natural since end of the semester is approaching.

Well that was a little bit of everything I guess. Until next time. I’ll leave you with an advice. Start planning for your summer from now. =) Haha

It’s Starting To Feel Like The End Of The Semester

Hello dear bloggers and readers, I hope your week has not been as hectic as mine. I toke my second final this week. My first final was back in April, but this was the hardest final of the semester for me. I must admit, I’m extremely nervous about my result. Monday I get the result, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I have two more finals to go. As it has been so far this weekend, the next few weekends will consist of studying as well. Story of a college students life right? To be honest I don’t mind studying and putting all these final projects together. The only problem is I keep thinking about what the results of my exam is so I can’t concentrate; I get nervous. I just hope fingers crossed Monday I get good results.

Off to something more interesting, 3 more weeks of school left, well at least for me. I am taking Summer classes, but its only for a month and I don’t mind that at all. This summer I promised myself that I will go out more and travel. I did absolutely nothing last summer, therefore, I must change that this summer. Since I am going to be done with school and be graduating by mid July, I’m thinking its a good excuse to take a vacation. Don’t you think graduation calls for a vacation? I think so! I can just picture it, officially being done, but I am going to miss school I’m sure once Im done. I always been interested in school expect the times where you just can’t handle another second of it, but everyone has those moments, right? haha

Anyways, if any of you are taking your finals within the next few week, good luck to you. If you have already taken a final, then I hope you get good results. Just remembers, put in the time necessary to study because it is all going to be worth it. Don’t allow yourself to slack off the last few weeks of the semesters because this count the most. Good luck to all of you out there.

Couldn’t Focus, But Now I Can’t Stop Working!!

I could not get myself to do anything all afternoon and part of the evening. I only wanted to watch TV. None of my shows were on and I couldn’t even finish watching one show before switching channels. As soon as it hit 10:00 P.M. I got on my laptop and started working on my project. Yes during Spring Break, but its that time of the semester; any break equals to more time for me to work on things and catch up. I really don’t know why I couldn’t focus. I guess it was one of those days. I must say though I accomplished a lot since 10:00. Only have to proof read; not bad right? Now I can’t stop.

Anyways as for my Spring Break, my best friend actually ended up surprising me. She came all the way from Los Angels, face timed me while at her aunts and surprised me. I was very shocked because she has school all the time and she hardly gets time to sit home, so it was a very nice surprise. I haven’t been able to go out of town as I wanted for Sprint Break, but I still have Friday and Saturday to do something. Hopefully my friends and I can plan a day to get away and do something fun. Maybe the Bay area.

As for Spring Break, the first part of my Spring Break consisted of preparing for Easter. Then came Easter. Ever since Sunday my family and I either been visiting family or family been visiting us to wish us Happy Easter; its our tradition. It fun, but I got to say cleaning the house over and over again back to back takes a toil on you. It was to the point that I went to bed at 11:00 P.M. last night from being so exhausted. I’m not complaining though because I love gathering around with family during these happy occasions and celebrating. Food is amazing, we see some family members during these times that we don’t see on regular bases, and mostly we have lots of fun.

Well fellow bloggers and readers I think its time for me to go back to working on my project since I’m in that mood. I will update you if I end up going anywhere, but in the mean time if you have not shared with me yet what your Spring Breaks been like. Im interested to know if any of you have done anything exciting, memorable, or simply fun. Until next time, bye!

Spring Break Hurry!

I am so looking forward to Spring Break. I am a night person so Im looking forward to sleeping late and not having to worry about waking up on time. My family is mostly like that; well at least my mom, aunts, and cousins; mostly the ladies. My dad always sleeps early because he wakes up supper early to go to work so I understand why. On the other hand my brother he just sleeps whenever he wants, and as for my uncles and cousin they just like sleeping. I get a lot done at night time so thats when I usually do most of my creative projects or if I procrastinated on an assignment (I never do that, ya right!) then you could find me stay as late as I need to to finish it, and I always do.

The biggest reason Im looking forward to Spring Break is because I just simply need a break. I need a vacation, but  can’t think of anywhere to go? I was thinking LA, because I haven’t seen my cousin/best-friend since last year (December 2013) haha, but I also need to just get away from my everyday atmosphere a little. Even though I will be taking with me my school work because I simply have lots to do, I still think its good to get away regardless.

What do you think? Where should I go, any suggestions? Plus share with me what you will be doing on your Spring Break, and if you guys are going anywhere. I look forward to hearing from you all. In the mean time, I need to get back to finishing my assignments.

I See The Sun!

Sometimes it’s really nice getting out of class before the sunsets. I love taking evening classes, but it’s been a while since I had morning or afternoon classes. Fingers crossed I’m graduating in Summer, but if and when I do decide to come back I would most likely take evening classes again. They are just much more convenient especially if you have a 9-5 kind of job. Also you can get all your errands taken care of in the morning rather than the evenings. What do you think morning, afternoon, or evening classes? I guess it depends on your major, since some courses are only offered certain time, but regardless if you had a choose what time of the day would you take your classes?


Oh btw here is a picture I toke after my evening class. It was beautiful out!


Time To Do Some School Work

All but one of my professors are out to a conference this week. This means no class for me! However, this doesn’t mean I have a week off because I still have lots of school work. Remember all those projects I told you I had to do by the end of the semester? Well this is the perfect time to get started and catch up.

I need to pay a visit to the campus library. I can get away from all the distractions and get some of my work done. Even though some areas are designed for group meeting, and some areas you’ll see students walking and looking for books, there are places in the library which you can sit and not hear a thing except the nose from you turning your paper. I find it to be very convenient that I have that option at the library. If you haven’t done so yet I would totally recommend you to check it out soon. You’ll decide for yourself which area you prefer and how convenient it is. 

As for next week who’s looking forwards to the long weekend? Schools off Monday!! 

March 31, 2014 Cesar Chavez Day-Campus closed


Career Fair

So I went to the Career Fair on campus on Wednesday. I been attending this event ever since I started attending CSU Stan. Its a great opportunity for those who are looking for job openings or simply want to learn about companies for future employment options. I spend about 30 minute looking around and I sure saw a lot of great companies. I think there was at least one company for ever major.

Here is the list of participants for Career Fair 2014 provided on CSU Stanislaus Career website.


Everyone should attend these kind of events that the campus offers because they have lots to offer. Look for other events that are still coming up this semester and see what interests you. I strongly recommend each and ever one of you to attend.

Now semester wise, only 10 more weeks of the semester left. I cant believe how fast this semester is going by.

Done With Midterms!

Just finished taking my last midterm. I spent all last week and weekend studying. I must say, as weird as it may sound, I never get bored of studying. Im glad, however, that midterms are over with. Now the anticipation of waiting for my grades. I’ve gotten one back so far, and it’s a good one. I think waiting for grades are more nerve-racking than studying and taking the exam itself.

At school you know its midterms week when no matter where on campus you go, everyones studying. What motivates me to study even more is seeing other people study. I know, I know, even my friends tell me that I must be out of my mind for liking studying so much, but I don’t mind school; I enjoy it greatly.

Here is to all my fellow students who also toke midterms last week and this week. keep-calm-youve-survived-examskeep-calm-midterms-are-over

Enough about midterms because the more I think about them the more I’m thinking about my grades.

From here on out its time to work on my projects; the best and the most exciting part of classes this semester for me. I got at least one for each class and some of them are pretty lengthy. The lengthy ones are mostly group projects so they shouldn’t be that bad. Regardless, Im looking forward to presenting all 5 of the projects. I sure am going to keep you updated, until than stay tuned. =)